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      2. South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

        The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) offers a range of services including counselling for victim/survivors of sexual and physical assault, children from the age of 4 and adults, female and male. The Centre also works with non-offending family members, partners, caregivers and support workers.

        To contact your nearest Centre Against Sexual Assault in Victoria phone the Sexual Assault Crisis Line on 1800 806 292 or Australia phone 1800 737 732

        Restorative justice program

        If you have experienced sexual or physical assault, would you like to talk to the person who hurt you, or with family members, a friend, or anyone else who might be able to help.

        Sexual assault, the law, your rights

        This booklet is for anyone wants to know more about the legal rights of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

        Family Violence

        In Victoria, family violence covers a range of behaviours committed by a person against a family member.

        Bystander action on preventing violence against women

        Survivor artwork, stories & poetry

        Information for young people about sexual assault, family violence and relationships

        A website for victim/survivors of recent sexual assault

        Anonymously report sexual assault and help make our community safer

        SECASA E-Safety

        A website for young people and grownups about e-safety

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